Actually no.  Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent contractors who work remotely and provide valuable services to their clients.  A Virtual Expert is a person who specializes in a specific area of business and is an expert in that field.

Our hours vary depending on our project deadlines, but Monday – Thursday you can reach us from 9am – 1pm.  

$55 an hour
$110 an hour for rush jobs

Project packages are available and will be discussed before work begins, including any caps on spending.

Some of the other expenses you will be responsible for will be purchasing a domain name and deciding on a hosting account plan.  We will help direct you in this and will set it all up for you if you would prefer.  We will make sure you are the owner so you will always have access to your domain name and website.  

You can contact me via email for most things and via text/phone if something is urgent.  Use either the “Contact us” tab or send an email to sageinquiries@theofficesage.com

You will be invoiced for the work we do for you and you can pay by credit card/paypal or check.

For large projects, half of the total cost will be required to be paid before we begin working on the project.   

Email me to schedule a time for us to chat via phone to discuss what your needs are.  Once you are ready for us to start, I will send you a contract with a write up detailing all services we will be performing and the agreed upon price, and a form to collect the information we need to get started.